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Dinner Date

Spend a lovely evening out at your favorite restaurant with anyone of our beauties. If you are used to eating alone your will find this much more rewarding. You will be the envy of every man in the restaurant with one of our young ladies.

• Every time you spend time with an escort you’ll get her undivided attention.


One Night Out

Paint the town red with a lovely lady on your arm. Stay out as late as you please and enjoy the company of a beautiful woman. Enjoy high end bars, clubs, business dinners, office parties, and anywhere else you want to visit with your date.

• We offer variety when it comes to our intimate packages and we encourage you to customize your experience to fit your lifestyle.


Travel Companion

If you want to travel but you don’t want to do it alone have one of our beautiful ladies join you.

• We will never reveal any of your personal information and use the utmost discretion when it comes to your privacy.


Out all night

If you want to remain in the Gurgaon/Delhi but want an extended play session with your beauty we can offer you a night you won’t forget.

• We will disclose a small amount of personal information about the companion you choose to make sure that there is a match.


Bachelor Parties

As it is a celebration of a man's last night of freedom. So we are here to provide best companions for your bachelor parties.

• Our escorts will never pressure you for tips, bonuses, or gifts outside of what we have agreed on.


Parties Companions

We will provide you and your friends with a day to remember. We can provide a wide range of fun activities at the location of your choice. Please call in advance and let us make it a special night!